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decorative lighting adds to the visual appeal of a room or a garden or any other place much beyond its natural beauty. With increasing lighting options in the market and their easy availability, you too can add that glamourous touch to your property without actually having to completely redo it. If you are somebody who is looking for theme based decorative lighting, then you need to either refer some manual on it or consult a lighting expert. If you are ready to bank upon your instincts, then you can try it by yourself as well and see if it works.

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Inside and outside the building

Decorative lighting works differently inside and outside the building. Outside, you need powerful lights. Although this is not necessary all the while for example if you are decorating your palm harbour home, then not all the trees need to be heavily illuminated. You can go for lighted water fountains. Add different shades of lighting. Make a judicious combination of the different colours. The only bottom line is it should be eye pleasing.

In the inside of the house, you need subtle lights that do not disturb the vision of the viewer. Too much lighting kills the fun and make sure you don't overdo anything.

Accent and Decorative lighting

You should understand the difference between accent lighting and decorative lighting. The former is kind of highlighting something like a painting or some work of art. On the other hand, the latter is actually making the place visually more appealing. With a palm home, you would need a combination of both of these. The lights outside the house need to be a little louder while inside they should be more on the dull side. By dull, we mean a 'less intensive'.

Evergreen strings!

For decorative purpose, you can bring some strings for your palm tree and put it around it. The colour choice would be yours to pick. The style could be top to down or across the width of the tree. Whatever you do, the lighting style should follow some pattern otherwise it would look haphazard. You can use bulbs of different colours as well. These can be fitted at the bottom of the tree focusing towards its peak. This can be done vice-versa as well. You can get all these lighting devices from an electric store in your neighbourhood. You can even order them online. Since they do not cost much, you can even switch between a few styles from week to week.

Safety first!

Don't try to do all these things by yourself. Decorating a harbour home won't be a child's play. Seek professional help, especially from an electrician, to do all the wiring and fitting the equipment. Though doing things by yourself has a lot of fun in it, but water and electricity make a lethal combination and you definitely need some precautions here. Not just while fitting but also afterward when your friends and family are admiring the work. Go the extra mile to put insulations for protecting against any possible fault in the wiring. Don't leave any live wire exposed.